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Mon Jul-25th-2005 // Filed under: Things Are Happening

This is a little late, but I wasn’t really around earlier, so what the hell — it’s not like the issue’s lost its importance during the weekend.

So, they shot a scared man five times in the head and neck for running away from non-uniformed policemen. They said he was one of the bad guys. Then they said that he actually wasn’t, awfully sorry about that, but the next one whose brains they air out probably will be, since they’re going to stick with this headshot policy of theirs.

A proud day for freedom.

I realize that when you’re dealing with shitbags who run around with explosives, it’s a staggeringly difficult and dangerous job, and said shitbags must take much of the responsibility for the climate they create with their actions. Absolutely. But when you pin an innocent man down and shoot him five times in the head because he’s a little too scared and a little too eager to run away from armed men and not quite white enough, it’s pretty hard to blame it on somebody else. It’s even harder to pretend that the terrorists aren’t really all that effective and that they haven’t accomplished anything when the citizens are afraid of not only terrorism, but the very people who’re supposed to protect them from it.

Update: Did I say five times? I’m sorry; it was eight times, of course.

In what sounds like a bizarre thing to say, apparently Tony Blair stated that it’s all right for Britain to express its “sorrow and deep sympathy” to Mr. Menezes’ family. Well, that’s mighty big of you, Mr. Prime Minister; I’m sure everyone’s thankful for your very kind permission.

He also said that the police must be supported in doing their job. What, they’re in need of support now? Again, I realize that it’s a hard job to do, particularly under these extremely taxing and scary circumstances, and I would think most people definitely support the police in doing their job… but just the same, I don’t think shooting innocent people in the head is the job, and any claims that this outcome was unavoidable or that the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, 27 years old, is in any way justifiable, are preposterous.


  1. In a somewhat related story, a German public broadcasting company reports that police in New York closed off a section of Broadway, evacuated a couple restaurants and stormed a tourist bus in search of terrorists. Male passangers were handcuffed and the site was searched with bomb-sniffing dogs. The reason? A passanger reported seeing “five asian looking men with british accents” boarding the bus, with “full backpacks”. Panic?
    Yes, this is crappy for everyone.

    Comment by Lasse — July 26, 2005 @ 1122374210

  2. Classy!

    Incidentally, I find it interesting that only the male passengers were handcuffed (not that anyone should’ve been cuffed there, but anyway). Apparently women are incapable of detonating explosives or whatnot. Or maybe those progressive NYPD boys know that women are just too sensitive to engage in terrorism…

    Comment by Mikki — July 26, 2005 @ 1122389784

  3. what is it with some people and thinking all females are stupid submissive baby factories?this makes me worry about my dad now.hes a cop so hes basicly a walking target because of stupid crap like this,even if he goes out of his way to actually help people…i found this place because of someone talking about the balloon dream comic…

    Comment by hyena84 — August 5, 2005 @ 1123230475

  4. I don’t envy people who’re actually working as cops these days. It’s a pretty hard job as it is, particularly under the current circumstances, and being faced with colossally stupid decisions passed down from on high can’t make it any easier.

    Anyway, hope you liked the comic.

    Comment by Mikki — August 5, 2005 @ 1123247547

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