take two

Wed Jul-27th-2005 // Filed under: Random Crap

Going to London for a press event tomorrow — the last time I tried this, a bunch of tube stations blew up and they postponed the whole thing. Looks to be a little more peaceful this time around… so far, so good, anyway.

I’ll by flying back early on the Friday morning, but I won’t be back home until the evening, because I’ll have a ridiculous layover at Copenhagen — over seven and a half hours, supposing that the planes are on time. If I had a direct flight, I could easily fly between Helsinki and London about four times in that time, but of course I don’t, as the powers that be can probably do it cheaper this way, and those of us in the games media — no matter how ornery — don’t usually rate expensive. We get cheap and ugly.

Admittedly, there’s an undeniable symmetry there.

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