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Thu Aug-18th-2005 // Filed under: Things Are Happening

So, according to leaked documents, looks like Jean Charles de Menezes did not, contrary to what we have been told before, run from the cops, vault the ticket barrier, wear bulky clothing or resist arrest. Apparently he didn’t even know that he was being followed until mere seconds before he was grabbed, held down and shot repeatedly. He walked into the station calmly, picked up a free paper, took a short sprint to catch a northbound Northern Line train, entered it, sat down… and then he was murdered.

Yeah, murdered. Let’s be clear on this: this wasn’t manslaughter. This was not an accident. You don’t follow someone to the station all the way from his home and pin him down and shoot him seven times in the head and once in the shoulder by accident. When they opened fire, they were doing it on purpose. Yes, it’s a difficult job and yes, I’m sure they were concerned for their own safety and the safety of the passengers and yes, I’m sure they feel fucking awful about the whole thing right now, but if you pack a gun and end up popping off a whole bunch of rounds at another human being — particularly an innocent human being — you should have to take the goddamn consequences. Sure, they thought he was a suicide bomber, but that makes it okay? It’s not much of a consolation for de Menezes’ family and friends, and as for de Menezes himself — well, he’s no longer here to care, and at least he probably went fairly quickly with those seven bullets in his head. That’s about the only good thing about this whole disgusting farce. I want to see some fucking convictions here — “oops, sorry!” just doesn’t cut it, goddammit. It’s not good enough.

Of course, Scotland Yard — y’know, the same Scotland Yard that earlier claimed that de Menezes did all sorts of suspicious things, even though the evidence now strongly suggests that the Yard is full of shit — still stands by its highly successful headshot policy, which, judging by this charming case, pretty much means that at this point, you don’t even have to do anything vaguely suspicious to have one of their finest draw a bead on your eyeball.

I dunno. There are many, many people who are exceedingly eager to point out that the terrorists have accomplished nothing with their bombs and now the resolve to oppose them is stronger than ever and blah blah blah. Yeah, whatever little fantasy works for you. Personally, I’d have to say that when you get a country so fucked up with fear that cops are murdering civilians, I’d say that the terrorists have certainly accomplished a thing or two.


  1. It was a cruel and sophisticated hoax, designed to frighten the public and any bombers who are not up for suicide. To make it look realistic the Police told lots of conflicting stories and even faked attempts at engineering a cover-up.

    Where he is now, who knows? Witness Protection type scheme probably. Detached house with a walk-in closet, etc. But not in a wooden box.

    Jean Charles was not on the train.

    See the explanation in:

    Comment by who — November 26, 2005 @ 1132974667

  2. Uh… sure. That’s very convincing evidence and certainly the most credible explanation to date. Also, the moon landings are actually faked, did you know that?

    Comment by Mikki — November 26, 2005 @ 1133004991

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