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Wed Aug-10th-2005 // Filed under: Spam Patrol

From my daily dose of spam:

I am offering you a free psychic reading by phone. I am a psychic reader who specializes in relationship problems, so if you would like to speak to me call me at [phone number with Nevada area code removed] ask for Doc Mitchell

Hell, Doc, you’re not much of a psychic if you can’t figure out that instead of calling you and giving you my money, I’m only going to make fun of you, are you?

Of course, there’s no doubt in my mind that there are plenty of idiots out there who’re actually going to pick up the phone and dial that number while reaching for their trusty credit cards — you don’t need to be a psychic reader to make money out of psychic reading, as Doc undoubtedly very well knows. You just have to be a vaguely charismatic and happily dishonest asshole who takes advantage of gullible and superstitious people who’re looking for answers to their problems. Okay, so anyone who falls for these scams isn’t exactly likely to win any prizes for smarts, but just because they’re eager to be fooled, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to lie to them and take their money.

I hate these people with a passion.

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