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Sun May-22nd-2011 // Filed under: Random Crap

Oh, look, it’s the 22nd here in Finland already, and the world still hasn’t ended. No Rapture in sight. Jesus didn’t show. Frankly, I’m shocked, because all that stuff seemed totally legit.

It’s okay, we’ll be sure to hear plenty of excellent and totally solid explanations for why it didn’t happen. Probably because somebody at some point in history used a different calendar or something, or the leap years, or something entirely credible like that. Maybe we’ll get a Nostradamus quote, because those are always right, and in any case we’ve got the nifty end of the Mayan calendar thing coming up in 2012, which means widespread destruction and Armageddon for sure. It’s a sure thing!

By no means should anyone stop being an idiot about this kind of dumb shit and concentrate on living their lives for a change instead of getting worked up over things even a child can recognize as fiction, ’cause it’s totally gonna happen soon.


  1. Harold Camping (all Finns should find his last name amusing) was the preacher who predicted the apocalypse this time. He has now admitted that he made an error in his calculation. Apparently God has a 5 month appeal period of some kind, so the actual end of days should take place in October the 21st. So get ready, again.

    Comment by Scully — May 24, 2011 @ 1306246907

  2. Nah, it was Macho Man Randy Savage who saved us.

    Comment by Harro — May 24, 2011 @ 1306277828

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