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Fri Dec-12th-2008 // Filed under: Things Are Happening

I just upgraded WordPress to the new version, 2.7. It comes with a lot of new stuff, and my first reaction is that I’m a little unnerved by the new interface — let’s face it, I’m a kind of a quasi-Luddite in that I find that I prefer things to stay more or less the same when it comes to software. I mean, hell, the first version of Fun Pastimes was a bunch of manually maintained HTML files, which was obviously a huge pain in the ass; it took me a bunch of years to install an actual publishing platform. So I’m one of those people whose first reaction to a new feature that honestly makes everything a lot easier is suspicion, because, hey, at least I’m comfortably familiar with the old version, right? (It’s not a particularly enlightened approach, but then, gut reactions rarely are.)

Anyway, the new version comes with a lot of new features, most of which are probably going to be fairly meaningless to me. I know things like media management have been a part of WordPress for a while now, but when I put up a post with pictures, I’m still hand-coding the HTML there. Part of that is just that I’m an ornery and stubborn bastard, part of it has to do with trying to use those WP features and finding out that they suck. Of course, this was, oh, I guess three or four years ago, and I know they’ve probably improved that to a whole new level, but far be it from me to move with the times. So, you know, now my buttons just aren’t where they used to be and I and my neuroses have an intrinsic dislike for that.

But then I checked out my plugins. I have a couple of plugins I’ve tried out at some point and never found any real use for, so they’re not active, but they’re still there, because I couldn’t be bothered to actually remove them, you know? And of course, WordPress tells me that new versions of them are out. It’s been telling me that for a good while, and I just ignore it, even though the “upgrade your plugins, you lazy bastard” indicator on the Dashboard is annoying. Now, looking around the new digs, I see that there’s an option to upgrade them automatically.

So I click on the “upgrade automatically” thing.

And the motherfucker goes ahead and does its thing.

And just like that, they’re up to date.

Didn’t have to download anything, didn’t have to fire up the FTP client. It just did it. And I’m thinking, holy shit, that’s hella cool. I mean, I just spent about a half an hour, all told, backing up the database and the installation files and downloading the new package and uploading the new files to the site and upgrading the database reactivating my plugins and whatnot. It’s not exactly hard work, but it’s a hassle I could do without. They say I can just click on a button, now, and WordPress’ll take care of that while I scratch my ass and read some comics.

And all of a sudden, that new interface is looking pretty sweet to me.


  1. Uusin versio ei myöskään osaa enää tehdä thumbnaileja kunnolla. Jos tahtoo niiden johtavan isompaan kuvaan, koodi pitää käydä paikkaamassa itse. Tyyyyhmääääää :-(

    Comment by Zepa — December 13, 2008 @ 1229172828

  2. Thanks for teaching a new word: ornery :-)

    According to Merriam-Webster, it means roughly the same as cantankerous… so actually, thanks for teaching two new words.

    Comment by Scully — December 15, 2008 @ 1229330222

  3. Well, maybe I should change the name into Fun Education or something. Better than any school, kids!

    Comment by Mikki — December 15, 2008 @ 1229354319

  4. Damn right!!

    Comment by Scully — December 15, 2008 @ 1229355901

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