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Fri Dec-11th-2009 // Filed under: Things Are Happening

Relating to my previous post about Uganda, a friend pointed me towards these YouTube clips, where political commentator Rachel Maddows tears Richard Cohen a new one. But before we get to them, a little background:

Cohen is a piece of work; he’s a gay guy who decided he just wasn’t gay anymore, got religion, got married, got some kids. Now he’s a totally straight, not at all gay, very happily married non-faggot “conversion therapist”, which essentially means that he tells people — and makes a living out of telling people — that people can just stop being gay. His book, Coming Out Straight, has been used by the Ugandan government as “evidence” for why it’s okay to execute gays. (Very helpfully, Cohen himself sent them copies — although I’m sure he didn’t realize exactly what they were planning, because I think even a raging asshole like him realizes that at this point, things are just getting way out of hand, and clearly he’s trying to distance himself from the whole thing.)

I like the methodical way Maddows goes after him, and I love to watch him squirm. I mean, I’m not particularly familiar with Maddows, but in this age of 30-second sound bites and rhetoric, I love that she’s taking, what, 15 minutes to have a conversation and present an actual argument against this douchebag — and yeah, she’s gay, so that probably has an impact on her priorities, but she’s not making a personal argument. I mean, it’s not a spectacular show where he’s reduced to tears in the end, but… I dunno, I just wish this happened more often to assholes like this, which is another way of saying that I wish more people with jobs in the media went after these people.

Anyway. Here we go, in two parts:

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