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Sun Jan-29th-2006 // Filed under: Spam Patrol

Somebody vomited this little gem in my inbox along with the rest of my daily allotment of spam. As is far too often the case, I can’t resist sharing it with you.

There are many, many messages that promise to make sperm not only plentiful but powerful enough to smash its way through the side of an oil tanker and still easily have potency left to impregnate a small continent’s worth of women. That’s nothing new. This one takes that crucial extra step that brings it over from run-of-the-mill inane trash to full-blown hilarious weirdness, though:

Make the bed soaking wet w1th t Y0ur mother ha$ a]ways dreamed 0f having sweet grandkids but your fertility functions don~Rt let you make her dream come true. Don~Rt worry, Spermamax will make your mom happy. Spermamax will make her drown in your sperm.

…yeah, uh, you hear that, mom?

That’s some sales speech.


  1. Kyllä, poikani, äitisi kuulee!
    Nyt maltan tuskin odottaa, mitä tästäkin seuraa…

    Comment by Äite — January 29, 2006 @ 1138555547

  2. Aika näyttää!

    Comment by Mikki — January 29, 2006 @ 1138565589

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