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It brings me a no small amount of joy to know that Donald Rumsfeld is resigning. I know that for most people — well, at least most Americans — that’s all about the war in Iraq, which has claimed the lives of several thousand American soldiers.

That’s fair enough, I suppose, although frankly, a couple of thousand dead American soldiers fails to strike me as the greatest tragedy of them all, when compared to the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, including over 40 000 civilians. I realize that this is no consolation to the friends and families of the dead American soldiers, who certainly shouldn’t have died in a stupid and pointless war that was started on a blatant lie about terribly dangerous weapons of mass destruction, but which have now been magically transformed into noble motives about bringing justice and freedom to an oppressed people.

In general, I don’t think people quite realize just how many Iraqis are dying and how many of them are civilians — hell, you certainly can’t expect CNN or Fox News to highlight the vast difference in the numbers or drive home the fact that about 2.5% of the country’s entire population have been killed. The idea that you can kill that many people in a country in an invasion based entirely on a lie, and then be joyously greeted by the people you’ve just been busily bombing as beloved liberators is simply idiotic. I mean, how many people actually realize that the Americans and the British have continuously bombed the country since 1991? It’s been glossed over quite a bit over the years, but the practice of lobbing serious ordnance at Iraq most certainly wasn’t discontinued when the war ended.

Anyway. Considering that Rumsfeld was deeply involved in this fucking atrocious war, yeah, it’s not a bad reason to hate his guts.

Personally, though, I have a deep hatred for the man’s involvement in numerous human rights violations, in Abu Ghraib and elsewhere. Sure, he wasn’t over there personally shooting pictures of Lynndie England while she was busy abusing prisoners, for example, but he certainly avoided all fallout of that incident and others, even though he’s not only the guy in charge but also a guy who consciously contributed to creating an environment where these things could happen. (Speaking of England, being the charming piece of morally crippled trailer trash that she is, she has apologized for appearing in the photos, but not for abusing human beings — so, apparently she’s sorry that she got caught but apparently still doesn’t feel that it was particularly wrong for her to sexually abuse helpless prisoners.)

War is one thing. I don’t like war, obviously, but at least I understand that if you’re out there with a rifle, and someone takes a shot at you, you shoot back and try to take out the fucker. That makes sense on a very primal level. Dropping cluster bombs into cities full of civilians isn’t quite as easy to justify, but at least that still fits under the broad umbrella of “warfare” — that doesn’t mean it’s okay or acceptable, but at least you’re clearly still a soldier doing a soldier’s job, for what it’s worth. But when you have guys stripping prisoners naked, putting leashes on them and dragging them around, beating them up and generally humiliating them, you can’t fucking pretend that you’re just fighting a war.

And when you’re the guy who’s supposed to be running the show and instead of taking down the scum responsible for these actions and making goddamn sure that this shit never happens again, you point out that this was abuse, not torture… well, then you are a fucking weasel. Then you are Donald Rumsfeld, and you will not be missed.


  1. I fear he will still be behind the scenes, no doubt he will be “special advisor” to Bush or something.

    Still, it is gratifying to see him be out of TV. That man was one of the masterminds of the Vietnam War too. I don’t know how he can sleep.

    Comment by Dragon — November 9, 2006 @ 1163100978

  2. Well, that kind of depends on how much of a scapegoat he becomes now, I suppose. After all, whenever someone says something bad about the way Iraq is being handled, they can pretty much just blame it on Rumsfeld — he resigned, after all, so he must be the guilty guy.

    We’ll see. Still… gone is gone.

    Comment by Mikki — November 9, 2006 @ 1163116452

  3. I think it’s very interesting how few people here in the states still remember Rummy’s connection to the Viet Nam war. One might surmise we are a nation of amnesiacs just from that alone. But then there’s the fact that we elected (allegedly) the junior Bush after the senior Bush did so much harm, i.e. Iraq, “dirty” bombs in Iraq, the additional scores of people who became homeless due to Republican and especially Bush policies (this after Regan had destroyed most of the underpinning of social support during the terms just prior, as well as unleashing the twin sharks of unregulated stock brokers and banks on the common man). Did the entire nation forget the Savings and Loan Scandal? Or that George Jr. had close connections to one of the worst of those, i.e. Lincoln Savings and Loan? That the FBI was in fact about to investigate “Shrub” when someone pulled the plug and junior got a free pass.

    One wonders how such a comparatively wealthy and well educated nation could possibly forget such serious matters until one realizes that the Right Wing managed to buy up most of the major media outlets here in the states during Regan’s reign. People tend to forget unless an honest news media reminds them. Sad, very sad.

    Comment by P.B. Adams — December 2, 2006 @ 1165026048

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