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Wed Oct-27th-2010 // Filed under: Things Are Happening

It’s no secret that I’m not a religious man, and I don’t have a whole lot of respect for religious people for reasons that are largely obvious and which I have gone over numerous times in the past. (Religious individuals are often a different story — some of my best friends, etc. I mean, you put up with your friends’ stupid crap because they make it worth the effort. It’s not like they don’t have to put up with mine.)

Accordingly, I have little use for religious authority figures. My respect for bishops, for example, mostly stems from the fact that they can move diagonally on the board, which is very cool but doesn’t have a great impact on my daily life. I don’t particularly want to hear from them, and when I do, I don’t typically like what I hear.

But reading Bishop John Shelby Spong’s recent manifesto on homosexuality, I found myself wanting to yell out “fuck yeah!” Bishop Spong denounces the religious right’s homophobic bullshit with admirable eloquence and conviction. He quite correctly points out that this is no longer an issue that should be debated; that people who still oppose granting the LGBT crowd equal rights are atavistic throwbacks who mask their own fear and hatred with Biblical pretext and who should be treated with the disdain we now show people who advocate slavery or removing women’s right to vote.

If you’ll allow a generalization, there are roughly two things about religion that I dislike — the fact that it’s based on fantasy and superstition, which has a easily demonstrable negative impact on humanity, and the fact that it’s a wonderful free pass for people to do horrible things to each other. Obviously, Bishop Spong and I aren’t likely to see eye to eye on the first category, but I’m so glad that unlike so many of his peers, he’s not an evil moral cripple.


  1. Missä täällä on Like-nappi? :)

    (Nyt varmaan pitää juosta suojaan…)

    Comment by Wizzu — October 27, 2010 @ 1288219622

  2. Samassa paikassa kuin Facebook-tunnukseni!

    Comment by Mikki — October 27, 2010 @ 1288220204

  3. Facebook tunnuksesi on meidän takapuolessamme? Ja kuinkahan pitkään kyseinen piispa saa olla piispa?

    Minua on usein ihmetyttäneet tämän piispan mainitsemat median ‘keskustelutilaisuudet’, joissa annetaan molemmille osapuolille tilaisuus änkyttää omien harhojensa puolesta. Stand-up-koomikko Dara O’Briain sanoi, että mitäpä jos laitettaisiin vaikkapa Stephen Hawking ‘keskustelemaan’ jonkun hipin kanssa, joka uskoo taivaan olevan jumalan vilttikangas, johon jumala on ripustanut kuun ja tähtiä. Mitä järkeä sellaisessa keskustelussa olisi?

    Comment by Scully — October 28, 2010 @ 1288258918

  4. Tässä Dara’n esitys asiasta:

    Se olikin ‘NASA-guy’ eikä Stephen Hawking, mutta pointti on sama.

    Comment by Scully — October 28, 2010 @ 1288261479

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