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Thu Aug-30th-2007 // Filed under: Those Pesky Roles,Word Balloons

Well, I went ahead and did four pages of comics. You’re welcome to take a look if you’re into that kinda stuff. A little background first, though: it’s a part of the superhero game I’m running, so obviously there’s a lot of context you don’t get. In short, though, it’s one player character’s flashback sequence, which reveals a past event she wasn’t at all previously aware of — she’s the little kid, and she grows up to become a superhero with electricity-based powers, which probably explains the significance of some of the imagery here. The other guy is this kinda Doctor Doomish “ruler of a nation” supervillain type. Obviously, at this point he’s not yet on the fast lane, so seeing him like this is something of a twist…

Ah, you don’t really care. There’s all that and more besides, shit you don’t know, but the scene pretty much speaks for itself.

The artwork took me a good while, and it’s full of things I’d like to fix or expand on. For example, having a little more in the way of backgrounds would be awesome, and if the doc could decide whether he’s a giraffe or not, that’d be awesome! It’s not like fixing these things would be particularly difficult, but at the pace I work, I gotta draw the line somewhere to be able to finish at all. All in all, I’m pretty happy with it. It was both harder and easier than I thought it would be, but the main thing is that it works. Oh, and in case someone is interested in the technical aspects, this is all digital. At no point did pen touch paper.

Anyway. Check it out, and by all means, do enjoy the crappy HTML I threw together for it.


  1. Hyvää jälkeä. Nyt vain jäi kaipaamaan lisää.

    Comment by Tukiopetuslapsi — August 31, 2007 @ 1188574226

  2. *Rakastan* sun lisämatskujasi kampanjoihin! Trinity RIP.

    Comment by Lissu — September 1, 2007 @ 1188670595

  3. Kiitos vain, Tukiopetuslapsi — ei tosin kannata ihan kauheasti pidättää hengitystä, koska varsinkaan tätä nimenomaista kamaa ei saa lisää ihan heti, jos koskaan, kun valtaosa kyseisestä tarinasta etenee roolipelimuodossa ihan muualla kuin Hupaisassa ajankulussa.

    Ei silti, aina välillä saan päähäni, että nyt rupean tekemään ihan tosissani sarjakuvaa, mutta tämäkin rupeama pisti taas vähän niinku jauhot suuhun — en muuten katsellut kauhean tarkkaan kelloa tuota tehdessäni, mutta ainakin tuo viimeinen sivu söi yhteensä noin kymmenen tuntia vääntämistä. Tekemällä toki kehittyy, mutta ajankäytöllisesti se on aika rankka rasti…

    Comment by Mikki — September 4, 2007 @ 1188873320

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