cruel and malicious criminals

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Abu Ghraib just keeps on giving. According to the latest, it was all just a misunderstanding! Here’s BBC News on the subject:

The report, by Brig Gen Richard Formica, says troops were not to blame – they had received the wrong advice.


They had based their interrogation on policy guidance from September 2003 – which was rescinded a month later by the then top US commander in Iraq, Lt Gen Ricardo Sanchez.

The soldiers believed the techniques had been approved, the 75-page, heavily redacted report says.

Gen Formica said what the troops had done was wrong, but it did not amount to deliberate abuse.


He said it was regrettable that the soldiers had been given the wrong policy.

Oh, okay! It was just a misunderstanding! So when these complete shitheads squeezed people into cells that were so small that the prisoners could neither stand up nor lie down, the problem with that was that they thought it was all right, not that doing that to people is a very bad thing to do? Yeah, I guess it takes a national brain trust to figure out that maybe it’s not entirely correct for Pvt. England to drag that naked guy around by the leash she’s got attached to his neck. It’s such a complicated concept, after all.

Never mind the fact that these guys, by their own admission, actually drafted a policy that said it was just fine to do that! What the hell is that? Does this mean that if, after Kristallnacht, Hitler had said, “Dudes! Sorry! We just planned this whole thing about destroying the filthy Jews’ storefronts and murdering a bunch of them, but that it was actually carried out was, like, a total accident ’cause Helmut over there totally sent the plan to the wrong address, so mea culpa! Mea culpa, everyone! Our bad!”, then everything would’ve been okay? What the fuck are you people doing going around drafting “take the prisoners’ clothes off and make them dry-hump each other” policies if you’re so goddamn blameless?

Fucking moral cripples.

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