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Got something to say? Please leave a comment.

I have one rule here: don’t be an asshole. I could define that in vast detail, but that’s what it comes down to, and if you genuinely can’t tell what that means, please don’t comment at all. (Is this a double standard? Am I an asshole? Very likely, and when you pay for your own hosting for your own blog, you can do what you want, too.)

If you break this rule — if I become convinced that you’re posting just to be a jerk, essentially — I will most likely just unceremoniously delete your comment. I don’t like doing that — yes, I’m aware of the spectre of censorship hovering nearby during moments like this. But you know what? I like jerks who ruin internet conversations on purpose even less. I guess you could leave more comments if you like, but eh, I’ll just delete those, too, and no, I won’t engage you in a deliciously trollific public debate over this. I know that’s half the fun for some people, and I love to disappoint.

This is not YouTube. There are standards.

If you think I made a mistake and you genuinely weren’t trying to be an asshole, feel free to contact me. I try to be a reasonable guy, and I have no illusions about being infallible.

I should perhaps stress that most people are completely unaffected by this policy, even when they disagree with me. It’s okay to disagree, and it’s okay to argue. It’s not okay to be an antagonistic jerkhole. I wouldn’t be saying this at all otherwise, but I’d rather put this out here in plain view and up front than end up arguing about it in the comments.

Be nice.

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