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Sat Dec-27th-2008 // Filed under: Games

Be advised that if you’re not a Steam user, this may be a good time to become one: they’ve got some downright ridiculous discounts going. I mean, BioShock for 4.99€? Or better yet, Portal for 3.74€? (Or dollars, if you swing that way, what with Valve’s exchange rate being a ridiculous 1:1, and sure, fuck them for that — but cheap is cheap.) They say that they’re taking 10–75% off everything on Steam, and they’re not kidding. Obviously, the newest and hottest games don’t get the 75% treatment, but even 10% is nothing to sneer at.

Personally, I went for cheap Half-Life nostalgia and got Opposing Force and Blue Shift, the latter of which I never completed because I had a completely legitimate copy that was in no way copied off a friend’s copy that fell off the back of a truck back in the day, and some of the files were apparently corrupted and the thing crapped out on me about 2/3rds into the game. (You would be forgiven for thinking that there’s a lesson there, but, well, there really isn’t.) I completed it last night, too; a long game it ain’t, but considering it cost me 0.99€, the time/cost ratio strikes me as reasonable.

I also got the complete Dawn of War pack, ’cause I’ve been meaning to check those suckers out, and with about 50% off the normal price, I probably won’t get a more affordable chance than this. The core game and three expansions for 14.99€ strikes me as reasonable, even though I probably won’t get around to playing through ’em all.

Oh, and I bought Beyond Good and Evil, which I actually own a copy of already, but I got distracted and never finished it, and I really want to do that — but I’m not too optimistic about Vista compatibility there, and what the hell, at 3.74€ I don’t mind paying for the game again.

So, you know, just an FYI — lots of good stuff hella cheap. (Also lots and lots and lots of crap, so you might have to dig a little to find the gems. But isn’t that always the way?)

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  1. For those wanting smaller (5-10 hours) but polished and fun games, I heartily recommend both World of Goo and Defense Grid: The Awakening. They’ll set you back around 15 euros each. I, at least, easily got my money’s worth.

    Comment by Kalle — December 29, 2008 @ 1230554282

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