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Wed Nov-5th-2008 // Filed under: Things Are Happening

We, the rest of the world, are entirely pleased with you for reasons that are far too numerous and far too obvious to go into here, and have much, much love for you simply because right now, you are fucking awesome. Good job.

However, after watching MSNBC’s coverage of the election and hearing the emotional statements on how this is an event that will amaze the world simply because nothing like this has ever been seen before, kindly allow me to point out that just because you managed to elect someone who is not an old white man, you are not leading the pack. You are catching up.

Still. Good job.

Prepare yourself, America. We will now hug you. We will hug you, because you bastards went and got your shit together, and it makes us so very, very fucking glad.

There. The hug is now in effect.


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  3. Taytyy sanoa, etta helpotus on huomattava. Enaa ei haveta asua tassa maassa.

    Comment by Eppu — November 5, 2008 @ 1225906917

  4. Mikki, not you too. A sharp learning curve ahead.

    I am pretty much with Rahul Mahajan ( and the Angry Arab

    Comment by Syksy — November 7, 2008 @ 1226072507

  5. I thought the html would be linked automatically. Let me do it manually:

    Rahul Mahajan

    Angry Arab

    Comment by Syksy — November 7, 2008 @ 1226073126

  6. What? I should prefer Sarah Palin as the president after Geriatric McOldster chokes to death when he forgets to put in his false teeth in the morning before biting into the presidential breakfast, or simply keels over in a job that is famous for putting a tremendous strain on those who do it?

    Nope. Can’t do it. I’m not saying that Obama is going to fix everything. I just prefer him over the other guy.

    Comment by Mikki — November 7, 2008 @ 1226073187

  7. Not choosing McCain-Palin is good. But it’s hardly a fucking awesome achievement worthy of much, much love, and an example of getting one’s shit together (as you so eloquently put it).

    One may be happy that McCain-Palin lost without rejoicing that Obama-Biden won.

    In fact, I’ll spam you with one more link, a Democracy Now! discussion on Obama and the future of US foreign policy which I found to provide good perspective.

    Comment by Syksy — November 7, 2008 @ 1226074173

  8. And the link is… here!

    Comment by Syksy — November 7, 2008 @ 1226074288

  9. Given the choice at hand, sure it was.

    Comment by Mikki — November 7, 2008 @ 1226076012

  10. Why is it an awesome achievement not to elect a guy who is closely associated with Bush, who is (among his many other merits) the most unpopular president in US history? I think you are succumbing to…the soft bigotry of low expectations!

    Comment by Syksy — November 7, 2008 @ 1226076918

  11. You seem to be under the misconception that I am engaging in some sort of in-depth political analysis here, rather than merely expressing my joy over the fact that the Republican party is not in charge for the next four years. Perhaps it would help if I point out that I was engaging in a degree of hyperbole. I don’t literally think it’s an awesome achievement — and then again, looking over what I wrote, I didn’t actually call it one, or any kind of achievement.

    But I do think Americans did a good job on the vote. Why? Because they voted for the right candidate. Why is this remarkable? Because two times in a row, now, they voted for the wrong candidate despite ample reason to believe that it was a stupid thing to do. It’s an improvement, and it wasn’t a given. Of course my expectations are low, but these are the candidates we had. I’m not saying that Obama is the very best candidate the United States could possibly have under optimal circumstances, but that’s democracy for you: he’s probably just about the best we can realistically expect under the current conditions. I’ll take what I can get.

    As for the Angry Arab, incidentally, not only does he badly need some goddamn paragraph breaks, he also makes a pretty pointless argument:

    Fox mentioned the headline of Al-Akhbar newspaper which referred to Obma as “the black Jack Kennedy”. I was not amused and I did not like that headline by Al-Akhbar at all. Why should the White Man always be a term of reference? He is not Jack Kennedy: and even though I don’t support Obama but he is much more capable and effective than Kennedy, and he did not use his daddy’s money to achieve victory, and Obama wrote his own words.

    Is he being disingenuous, or doesn’t he really understand the point? Of course you’re going to have to use white American statesmen as a point of reference with Obama, because before this, there really aren’t a lot of black American statesmen of the same caliber, if any — and if you’re going to look for racism in American politics, uh, well, I think you can probably find a more obvious and prevalent source than that. And yeah, there are a lot of differences between Kennedy and Obama. But the point the headline is probably making — I’m making an assumption here, of course, since it’s conveniently being quoted out of context — is that Obama and Kennedy are similar in that they really inspired a lot of people in a way very few Democrats do, and I think that’s a reasonably accurate assessment. (Not that I would call him “the black Jack Kennedy”, specifically, because I think it’s a fucking stupid thing to say. But I think the comparison has some merit.)

    Of course, the Angry Arab goes on to say, essentially, “meet the new boss: same as the old boss.” Yeah, that’s the likely outcome. But it’s not as if I said anything to contradict that, or claimed that America will be a thoroughly improved in all aspects once Obama rolls up his sleeves, or anything of the sort.

    Honestly, I’m not sure what you want from me here. Would you be happier if I had just been indifferent? Well, nuts to that, sir, and nuts to you! Yes, sir, you heard me. I’m genuinely glad they managed to vote for the guy who doesn’t obviously suck for a change, and I don’t feel that I need a fucking disclaimer to express that.

    Comment by Mikko Rautalahti — November 7, 2008 @ 1226093263

  12. About the Jack Kennedy comment, As’ad likely referred to the fact that many Arab newspapers take western politicians (who usually happen to be white men) as the reference point for any positive comparisons. I mean, one could have said that Obama is “the black Evo Morales” (which would also have been stupid).

    (I am not saying that I agree with the statement, I am simply clarifying it.)

    Indifferent? No, that’s not what I wrote. It’s good. But there are degrees between indifferent and being “very, very fucking glad” and having “much, much love” for Americans because they are “full of awesome”.

    Comment by Syksy — November 8, 2008 @ 1226145515

  13. You, uh, seem to be taking this awfully literally. I would’ve thought the degree of hyperbole being employed was somewhat self-evident.

    Comment by Mikki — November 8, 2008 @ 1226155028

  14. Mikki, it’s just that *you* are not supposed to be this happy about anything. It is just plain wrong :D

    Comment by Yoe — November 15, 2008 @ 1226726462

  15. Yeah, I do realize that I’ve let you guys down now. My shame knows no bounds.

    Comment by Mikki — November 15, 2008 @ 1226729777

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