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Wed Jul-6th-2005 // Filed under: I Rant!

So… apparently Eric Rudolph, that evil little shit who unfortunately graduated from playing with himself to playing with explosives, wrote to his mom and asked her to forgive him.

This humongous turd bombed a couple of abortion clinics, a gay bar and a Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta… and that one was a whopper — although Rudolph only managed to directly kill one person there (another one was uninjured, but died of a heart attack), he wounded 111 people with his charming dynamite blast that came with a whole bunch of nails in order to maximize damage from shrapnel. You probably remember that one.

And now he’s asking for his mommy to forgive him, but even so, he makes it clear that he doesn’t actually regret anything he’s done and feels that even though his “tactical decision to resort to violence” might have been “wrongheaded”, he thinks that “morally speaking [his] actions were justified.” Apparently he prefers Nietzsche to the Bible, and claims that his motivations are political rather than religious — see, he believes that the Olympic Games are a celebration of global socialism and felt the need to strike against that.

Oh, yeah — Rudolph’s a real character; he visited his gay brother in New York after the Olympic bombing and quoted Rush Limbaugh over dinner. Classy, that; it’s kind of like paying a visit to a Holocaust survivor and regaling him with an endless supply of amusing death camp anecdotes. (Then again, I suppose stupidity runs in the family, as Rudolph’s other brother shot a videotape of himself, in which he cut off one of his own hands with an electric saw so he could “send a message to the FBI and the media.” What message was that supposed to be, exactly? “I almost know how to safely operate power tools, so there!” perhaps?)

So, is this what a Nietzschean übermensch is supposed to look like, then? A lethal, yet strangely pathetic and homophobic mama’s boy?


  1. Not knowing anything about his family (except that the kids seem to be nuts – except for the gay brother, maybe), it rather sounds to me that he might have something to forgive his mother (or father) for.

    Blame the families, I always say.

    Comment by Anne — July 6, 2005 @ 1120672398

  2. Strangely enough, Adolf Hitler, the penultimate Nietzschean superman, was also a lethal, yet strangely pathetic and homophobic mama’s boy. Damn, were I only lethal and homophobic, I might have what it takes, too.

    Comment by Mike Pohjola — July 6, 2005 @ 1120677007

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