once more unto the breach

Sat Jul-2nd-2005 // Filed under: Random Crap

Yeah, here we go again. I grudgingly dragged myself to the 21st century; this new and improved version of Fun Pastimes has its advantages. Thanks to WordPress, there’s an element of ease of use that was, uh, not entirely present in my trusty old “everything done by hand” approach — not to mention that the far more omnipresent element of what I like to lovingly refer to as “ugly, really fucking ugly” is pretty much gone or at least somewhat toned down. Toolwise, WordPress is certainly a big change from what was available back in 2000, when I first started doing this stuff…

Anyway, the biggest motivator behind the change was simply that my prior bilingual approach was, after about half a decade of using it, getting to be really difficult and frustrating; the format pretty much demanded that whatever I write about, I write about it twice, more or less. Sure, it had its advantages and it was pretty much the point back then, but enough’s enough.

Oh, and the old stuff’s still online, too, if you’re into it.

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