incompetence makes me a sad boy

Thu Apr-27th-2006 // Filed under: Spam Patrol

Comment spam — well, nothing new there. I get a lot of it, and so do most people.

Lately, though, there’s been a new breed of it. They aren’t selling me Viagra or Cialis, they aren’t asking me to play internet poker, they aren’t telling me about all the porn I could be downloading right now, or trying to get me to meet those horny girls in “my area”. No, they just want to say hi and profess their undying love for Fun Pastimes a kazillion times. In broken English.

Here, take a look:

I see ya rockin it with yo blog TreeXlog

Your blog rocks TaraX

Terrific. TaraX

Wow, Your blog is awesome. TaraX

Nice blog, good info. KaylaX

I just luv your blog TajaC

I think you have done such a nice with your blog. Best of luck to ya TajaC

Cyber mans write many but mean nothings. Your article is pretty good, bun need more comments.

Your site is pretty like mine.Many interesting info about many things.

And so forth.

You’d expect the comments’ URLs to have links to whatever crap they’re trying to push on you, trying to get you to click on the names of these nice people who love you so much, but because this is a wave of spam orchestrated by very, very incompetent people, most of them don’t even contain the links. It’s just “I likes such a read through your blog of personality? Meaningful postage! Luv of mine is of blog! BorisW” or some variation thereof over and over and over again.

A couple of them even make it through my anti-spam measures, but it’s not like deleting them is difficult.

I dunno. I find it depressing that these dimwits try so very hard to spam me, which makes them evil by default, but are just too stupid to actually pull it off. It’s like being mugged by a guy who pulls out a battered and rusty piece-of-shit .38 that kind of clatters when he waves it around, pulls you into an alley and then demands that you tell him how much of his money you want and compliments you on your choice of a suit, even though you’re wearing shorts and a t-shirt. This is just pathetic. At least the guys who fill my inbox mostly manage to include their product somewhere in there…

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