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Fri Sep-17th-2010 // Filed under: Games

I don’t generally do this kind of stuff, but I gotta say this: Steam is having a fantastic offer on the Monkey Island bundle. You can get both of the remastered games for the almost insignificant sum of 7.49 euros, or whatever the dollar equivalent is.

That’s just fucking nuts. I mean, that’s crazy cheap. You should go buy ’em — these are two of the very best and funniest adventure games ever made. No lie. And the remastering is so well done. Enjoy the original graphics for that great blast of nostalgia, or the really nice-looking new versions for some current-gen prettiness, or switch between the two on the fly.

See? Purty.

Beyond that, it’s the real deal; they haven’t messed with the content beyond that — except there’s now voice acting in addition to the text. Guybrush himself is, of course, voiced by the always super funny Dominic Armato, for whom I would absolutely love to write dialogue. Great if you want to reminisce, and even better if you want to experience two of the undisputed classics of the genre for the first time.

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  1. Hyvä vihje, kaupat tuli!

    Comment by J — September 18, 2010 @ 1284768664

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