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Wed Jul-27th-2005 // Filed under: Those Pesky Roles

Well, NeuroSys is certainly fixing to be known as a classy game. “Look, tits! It’s a game for YOU, desperate fat man with no social skills to speak of!”

They have a preview up, too. Two things immediately spring to mind: first, we already saw this game back in the eighties, only it was less embarrassing even without adjusting for historical context, and second, somebody get these people an editor. This stuff is just… I mean, Christ, just look at this: “Human life is a commodity and death is common place, the computer systems are like its street, despite the latest firewalls, backup power systems and virus software, things still go wrong; but of course the Corporations will try to make you believe otherwise.” My, what a highly original image you paint… OF THE FUTURE.

Or, to quote my friend Bryan:

It was a rough city. A mean city. A place where bullets flew fast and hackneyed clichés flew faster. Of all the chatrooms in all the world, why did that batwinged dame have to step into mine? Suddenly, three leather-clad, sunglasses-wearing assholes burst through the window in slow-motion.

“Woah,” I said, before turning to my heteronormative life-mate. “Cheese it, it’s the Keanus!”

They also tell us that “Each social group from the outside perspective seems very stereotypical, its not until you get to the core that you find a myriad of people all with differing opinions and ideas.” You have to work extra hard to get that kind of insight in 2005, folks.

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