cursed to win

Tue Apr-11th-2006 // Filed under: Things Are Happening

So, it looks like Berlusconi’s out — if only barely. This may not be the best of days, but surely it is not the worst, either: to see that egregious, morally stunted troll shouldered out can only make me smile. Unless he manages to somehow pull a victory out of his ass after the fact, of course, which wouldn’t be particularly surprising.

Personally, I’ve always thought that the amazing thing about Berlusconi is not that he’s corrupt, but that it’s painfully obvious to everybody that he’s corrupt. I mean, c’mon, it’s never been a question of whether he’s an honest man; it’s always been about whether anyone can prove otherwise. He barely bothers to pretend.

Like the Duracell bunny, I’m sure Berlusconi will keep banging away on his drums until somebody finally makes him stop or he finally runs out of juice for good. Seeing as he’s still staying out of jail and no one has actually worked up the rage to punch his head clean off yet, I’m sure this little setback won’t slow him down much. After all, he’s got all the social grace of a jarful of smashed assholes and a 12-billion dollar personal fortune that keeps him insulated from anything so pedestrian as common sense, so it shouldn’t take too long until he’s back on the saddle, telling us that Chinese Communists boiled children and used them to fertilize their fields or that Mussolini never had anyone killed.

What a guy!

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