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I’ve been meaning to write this post for a good while, but I’ve had trouble articulating my thoughts properly. It’s not that it’s a complicated thing, really — it’s just that I want to be clear about it, if only because this is one of those topics where some people will be looking very, very hard for opportunities to misunderstand, which is the kind of nonsense I have no time or patience for.

So, in the interest of clarity, let’s start with this: I’m really talking to guys here. Hear me, fellow dudes. This concerns you, and by extension, many of the people I’m going to presume you love — but they aren’t the target audience here, boys. It’s you. It’s us guys.


four pages

Thu Aug-30th-2007 // Filed under: Those Pesky Roles,Word Balloons

Well, I went ahead and did four pages of comics. You’re welcome to take a look if you’re into that kinda stuff. A little background first, though: it’s a part of the superhero game I’m running, so obviously there’s a lot of context you don’t get. In short, though, it’s one player character’s flashback sequence, which reveals a past event she wasn’t at all previously aware of — she’s the little kid, and she grows up to become a superhero with electricity-based powers, which probably explains the significance of some of the imagery here. The other guy is this kinda Doctor Doomish “ruler of a nation” supervillain type. Obviously, at this point he’s not yet on the fast lane, so seeing him like this is something of a twist…

Ah, you don’t really care. There’s all that and more besides, shit you don’t know, but the scene pretty much speaks for itself.

The artwork took me a good while, and it’s full of things I’d like to fix or expand on. For example, having a little more in the way of backgrounds would be awesome, and if the doc could decide whether he’s a giraffe or not, that’d be awesome! It’s not like fixing these things would be particularly difficult, but at the pace I work, I gotta draw the line somewhere to be able to finish at all. All in all, I’m pretty happy with it. It was both harder and easier than I thought it would be, but the main thing is that it works. Oh, and in case someone is interested in the technical aspects, this is all digital. At no point did pen touch paper.

Anyway. Check it out, and by all means, do enjoy the crappy HTML I threw together for it.

no, this time i mean it

Wed Oct-12th-2005 // Filed under: Those Pesky Roles,Words

Okay — thanks to a couple of unforeseen delays, the print-on-demand version of Beyond the Storm: Shadows of the Big Easy took its time to become available, but here it is. Just so’s you know.

While you’re busy buying your own copy (and it’s actually a fairly pretty book) and basking in the warm feeling of doing good to your fellow man, I’m off to Barcelona for a press gig.

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your good deed for the day

Mon Oct-3rd-2005 // Filed under: Those Pesky Roles,Words

So, we made a book. It’s called Beyond the Storm: Shadows of the Big Easy, and it’s pretty much a collection of whatever stuff we could throw together at a fairly short notice. You get some RPG scenarios, a couple of minigames, some short stories and essays… well, like I said, a collection of stuff. That said, it’s not bad stuff, and it looks very nice, thanks to the excellent artists we managed to rope for this one and the downright Herculean efforts of my friend Adam Jury. Personally, I edited a chunk of the book and wrote a short story for it, titled Take Me to Mardi Gras. I think it turned out pretty well, especially considering that we put the whole thing together in under a month.

Anyway, it’s a book worth buying, because — and pay attention now, this is the part that really matters — the proceeds go directly to the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina relief fund. That is to say, I ain’t making any money off this and neither is anyone else involved with the project, but the victims of the New Orleans disaster are. It’s a good cause, and as the whole thing clocks in at about 160 pages, you get some serious bang for your buck.

You can either get it as a PDF for ten bucks, or if you wanna get fancy and make like a big spender, you can get a real paper copy of your own as print-on-demand. Either way, considering the shape of the dollar right now, that’s particularly cheap going for us euro types. There’s also a preview to give you an idea of what the book actually contains.

So please, go ahead and buy it. I realize that I’m kind of like one of those people who pester you at train stations and other public places, asking for a donation, but there’s one important difference: with me, you get something fairly substantial in return.

Go on, buy the goddamn thing.

here, have some crap

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Well, NeuroSys is certainly fixing to be known as a classy game. “Look, tits! It’s a game for YOU, desperate fat man with no social skills to speak of!”

They have a preview up, too. Two things immediately spring to mind: first, we already saw this game back in the eighties, only it was less embarrassing even without adjusting for historical context, and second, somebody get these people an editor. This stuff is just… I mean, Christ, just look at this: “Human life is a commodity and death is common place, the computer systems are like its street, despite the latest firewalls, backup power systems and virus software, things still go wrong; but of course the Corporations will try to make you believe otherwise.” My, what a highly original image you paint… OF THE FUTURE.

Or, to quote my friend Bryan:

It was a rough city. A mean city. A place where bullets flew fast and hackneyed clichés flew faster. Of all the chatrooms in all the world, why did that batwinged dame have to step into mine? Suddenly, three leather-clad, sunglasses-wearing assholes burst through the window in slow-motion.

“Woah,” I said, before turning to my heteronormative life-mate. “Cheese it, it’s the Keanus!”

They also tell us that “Each social group from the outside perspective seems very stereotypical, its not until you get to the core that you find a myriad of people all with differing opinions and ideas.” You have to work extra hard to get that kind of insight in 2005, folks.

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